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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"Kangna is perfect for Krissh 3: Hrithik Roshan"

Not just superheroes, I’ve been equally fascinated by super girls and when one popped up in Krrish 3, Kangana’s (Ranaut) was the only name on my mind. She was such a perfect fit,” reminisces Hrithik Roshan. Kangana’s character, that of an antagonistic mutant with an
army of animals who create havoc in Krrish’s life in the 3D fantasy adventure, is reportedly modelled on Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft look from the Tomb Raider series, with a body-hugging costume to match. 

Hrithik, along with producer-director father Rakesh Roshan, had approached the National Award-winning actor a few years ago, with nothing more substantial than an idea.

But Kangana wasn’t sure about the role, and said no. “It wasn’t fair on our part to go to her without a complete script,” admits Hrithik.

KangnaAfter that, other actors were considered, including Chitrangada Singh and Jacqueline Fernandes. But when things didn’t work out with them, the Roshans returned to Kangana, this time with a script. 

She was bowled over by the ups and downs in the character’s journey detailed in a bound script and it was an immediate ‘yes’. She’s reportedly lost five kilos and trained in martial arts to play her part in the much-awaited sequel.

“Today, watching her in action, I thank my stars we returned to her and got the girl we had always wanted. Kangana was our first choice for a role very close to my heart. She’s a fantastic actor,” raves Hrithik. “Krrish 3 has lots of action, but contrary to speculation, it’s not a dark adult film. It’s a film for every age. Children will get to see Krrish 3 too and hopefully will love it as much as Koi…Mil Gaya (2003) and Krrish (2006).”

Bad is good
Hrithik is playing two roles in Krrish 3, that of father and son. “There’s no competition. I’m giving equally and completely of myself to both parts. Hopefully, both will make an impact,” he says, confirming the buzz that he had wanted to play a third role too, that of the villain. “But my dad wouldn’t agree and today, when I see Vivek’s (Oberoi) performance, I can only bow my head. 

He’s given 100 per cent to the role and you’re going to be surprised by a completely new Vivek.”

The buzz is that Vivek’s character is confined to a wheelchair. But Hrithik won’t confirm it. “It’s much too early to reveal details right now. Shooting will wrap up around August-September and the film releases only next Diwali.


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