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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

"John Abraham refuses to bulk up for films"

After nine years in Bollywood, John Abraham’s ready for a change of image. He insists that Shootout In Wadala and the films that follow, including three of his home productions, I Me Aur Main, Jaffna and Kala Ghoda, will bring forth a more human John, rather than a larger-
than-life superhero with a body to match. “As Soojit (director of Vicky Donor and Jaffna) pointed out, I no longer have to stand out in a crowd. I’ll be an everyman from now on,” promises the star producer.
While Jaffna is a political drama set in Sri Lanka, and has him pairing up with two female actors who’re yet to be cast, Kala Ghoda, directed by the late Basu Bhattacharya’s son Aditya, is a dark comedy written by Akshat Varma of Delhi Belly (2011) fame. Set in Mumbai’s underbelly, it revolves around two cops. John plays the volatile, no-nonsense Dilawar Khan. “He’s unlike any cop you’ve seen before in the way he speaks, dresses and his quirks. There’s a different edge to him, and I’m definitely not beefing up for the role as is being speculated,” he asserts.
Kunal Roy Kapoor plays the goofy and bumbling cop. “It’s an amazing author-backed role, you’re going to love him,” says John. The film will have action shot in real locations in real-time. John seems super excited: “Producing films like these not only help me expand my repertoire, but will give me credibility as an actor.”
Farah did speak to me ages ago...
“Farah (director Farah Khan) did speak to me about her next movie, Happy New Year, but that was ages ago. There’s been no talk since, so I’m a little lost about where rumours about me doing her film or Bodyguard director Siddique’s next are coming from,” says John. “I’d love to work with Farah as much as Shah Rukh (Khan), whom I’ve always looked up to, if the opportunity presented itself.”


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