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Thursday, 5 April 2012

"Telugu: Racha - Movie Review"

Racha Rating Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej, Milky White Tamanna Starrer “Racha” is releasing today with highest number of prints. Ram Charan’s Racha is directed by Sampath Nandi and jointly produced by Paras Jain and N.V.Prasad. After two continuous successes Charan missed the Hat trick with Orange. Now he is back with mass entertainer loaded with mass dialogues and his breathless stunts and dancing movements along with Tamanna's glamour quotient. Let’s check out Racha Review!

Rating: 3.25/5

Cast:     Ram Charan, Tamanna Bhatia, Ajmal Ameer
Director:    Sampath Nandi
Producer:     NV Prasad, Paras Jain
Written by:     Paruchuri Brothers
Music:     Mani Sharma
Cinematography:     Sameer Reddy
Editing:     Goutham Raju
Banner:     Mega Supergood Films
Released date:     April 5, 2012


Ram Charan (Raj) does his living on betting with a motto “Aadmi kam, risk jyadha” and lives with his Step Parents. Tamanna is (Chaitra) Daughter of Ballary (Mukesh Rushi) who is big hooligan and he keeps 24-hour security on her at the college so that nobody eyes his daughter. On the other side James (Ajmal Ameer) a betting lover fails in a bet with Raj and tries to beat him in life with another bet. One day playing cricket with colony people, he comes across big problem. Taking it a chance James comes out with a deal that could actually solve his problem. Will Raj accept the Bet? How will Chaitra come across Raj? Will Raj Solve the Problem? Forms the rest of the story
The Story runs on the steady commercial sequence of fights, romance and songs.  Thagubothu Ramesh, Bhramanandam provided some entertaining comedy. In this situation if you start inquisitive about the storyline coming and where it might lead you, it is highly uninformed. But since all the events won’t come at the same time you start predicting in midst of racy mass script. Director Sampath Nandi has nothing new to offer except predictable things. Distinctly he has compromised with adding of thrills and Comedy sequences since he had Mega Power in hand. Tamanna is not utilized properly and her character was not nourished well. 

First half is entertaining with decent blend of entertainment and emotion. The tempo goes down a bit in second half because of conventional narration and predictability in the story, but gets back strong with perfect pace at the pre climax episode and ends well. First half is entertaining and second half is heavy with action drama.

Teluguone perspective:
Though Racha is not so excellent with the substance, but the performance by Ram Charan improved a lot. He wired loads of energy into his character. He maintained perfect comedy timing and showed a lot of ease in his histrionics. Ram Charan took the whole movie on his shoulders. Although a good deal of story and narration lacked in the script. 

The kind of theme movie opted is utilized in most of the Telugu movies and its very routine. Like hero accepting love, making heroine falling in love later, the whole concept changes and hero falls in love with heroine.  Director failed to balance the sequences of comedy and action in both the halves. Except the pre interval and pre climax nothing tries to elevate the script. From the post interval the movie goes on predictable note and makes movie hardly exciting till the pre climax episode.

Ram Charan showed some wonderful variety in histrionics, He has given an effortless performance in romantic and comedy episodes. His scenes where he tried to flirt with Tamanna and Climax Mass episodes were exemplary. His dances in Singareni Undhi and Oka Paadam were good.  Tamanna Bhatia is very good in her role. She adds colors to the flick with her glamour quotient. Ajmal Ameer provided some potential performance after his successful Rangam. Anuhya Reddy and Ali are adequate and provided Entertaining things.  Lisa Haydon is surely a nice find and provided a sizzling performance in title number. Bhramanandam entertains throughout the flick as Rangeela. Mukesh Rushi and Kota Srinivas Rao provided decent performances. Dev Gill is adequate. Parchuri Venkateshwarulu provided a skillful performance.


Dialogues by Parchuri Brothers are adequate though dialogues written for emotional scenes are way too lengthy. Climax dialogues were effective. Music scored by Mani Sharma is mediocre. The placement of couple of songs should have been taken care off. Fights are a bit unnatural. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is one of the major assets of the flick. Editing of the film is could have been better. Production values are excellent.

Final Word: Racha is a potpourri and Mega Fans will be fully satisfied.


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