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Monday, 2 April 2012

"Telugu: Ee Rojullo - Movie Review"

Ee Rojullo is a Telugu movie, directed by Maruthi and the film has Srinivas and Reshma in the lead roles. This small budget film has released with huge expectations. Ee Rojullo is touted to be a youthful comedy entertainer.

RATING: 3.0/5

Cast: Srinivas, Reshma, 

MS Narayana, Ambati Rambabu, Sai, Gavara Sekhar, Madhumani, Sankar Rao, Kanna, Venky, Bhargavi, Vishnu Priya, Bindu, Rakshita etc
Music: JB
Cinematography: J Prabhakar Reddy
Editing: SB Uddhav
Story – art – dialogues – screenplay – direction: Maruti
Producers: SKN & Shriya’s Srinivas

Srinivas (Srinivas) is in love with Rajni. He is ready to do anything for her. Rajni, on the other hand, is not in love with Srinivas but with another guy. Srinivas even gives her Rs 3 lakhs to help her out but as fate turns out, Rajini does not really love Srinivas. She escapes with the money along with another guy. This naturally comes as a big shock to Srinivas. He is totally dejected. Srinivas now wows never to fall in love or trust any girl.

In another track, Shreya (Reshma) is friendly with a guy called Karthik. Karthik misunderstands Shreya’s friendship for love and he starts developing feelings for her. He starts acting possessively and begins hounding Shreya in the name of love. A disgusted Shreya decides never to be on friendly terms with any guy.

Srinivas and Shreya happen to meet each other when they decided to not to fall in love. They relationship starts with hatred and lies. The rest of the story is all about how Srinivas and Shreya unite after many twists and turns. The lives of Srinivas and Shreya converge and they start off by quarrelling with each other.

Srinivas is forced to lie to his landlords that he is married as the apartment is not available for Bachelors. Once Shreya comes to know that Srinivas is married, she softens her stand and starts becoming friendly with Srinivas. Just when their mutual admiration begins to develop, unexpected twists and turns change everything. What are those twists?

And will Srinivas and Shreya express their love? This is the suspense element. There and several twists and turn in the tale before the film reaches the climax.

Srinivas has done a good job and he carries his role in an effective manner.

Reshma the heroine in this film is a simple, guileless woman, her character comes across as transparent and many girls with ideals can identify with her.

Sai, who did the stuttering friend role, is superb and a big credit should go to the director Maruti for the characterization.

A brief cameo by M.S.Narayana is hilarious.

Editing is largely ok but there are a few disjointed sequences in the movie.

Music by JB is very good. He has used certain familiar beats to popularize music. Ninna Monna is pretty good melodious song. But, it’s Ring Tring that makes you fall in love with it.

Cinematographer J Prabhakar Reddy does a fine job with Canon 5D Mark II camera. He used the flexibility of compact camera selectively (in scenes like carrying chai glass) and stuck mostly with regular shots. The quality of the digital camera is as good as a regular camera.

The director Maruti has hit the right chord with the audience. He has conveyed the story step by step and has not confused the audience. The direction is sharp and has just the right balance of all elements.

Ee Rojullo is a decent, interesting as well as entertaining film. The movie seems like a winner with the young audience especially college crowd.


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