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Thursday, 12 April 2012

"Emraan Hashmi's tobacco woes!"

Interestingly, Emraan Hashmi plays the role of Sonu Dilli KKC
which stands for Kutti Kameeni Cheez.

Emraan Hashmi bid adieu to smoking a long time back but little did the actor knew he would have to chew tobacco soon. To play a foul-mouthed reporter in Dibakar Banerjee's Shanghai, he had to re-start the habit. On the first day of the shoot, Emraan was asked to chew tobacco for a scene and it was not a pleasant experience. Tobacco left him with such a distaste that Emraan almost threw up and felt giddy.
The director insisted that since his role required him to do it, there was no other
way out. After a lot of discussions, Banerjee and Emraan came to the conclusion that the actor should chew tobacco.


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